Hera's Lily- Front Floral Hoop Earring

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  • Handmade,
  • Created with great love and patience, 
  • Wardrobe Friendly, 
  • Beautifully Detailed,
  • Timeless .925 Sterling Silver,
  • One-Of-A-Kind,
  • Free Standard Shipping within US, 

 The intricate and unique design makes this Lily hard to look away from! Impossible not to become enamored by the craftsmans elegant presentation! The Master Craftsman positioned the heart of Hera's Lily Hoop Earrings to be seen and admired by all. These Forward Facing Floral Hoop Earrings have just the right amount of luster to flatter whomever comes in contact. You can truly see the love and dedication within every detail. Thre is not much more to wish for. 

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